Residential Window Tinting

SOLAR KING® Residential Window Tinting (QM10) is the finest heat insulation window film for your residence and home. The excellent research and development teams are continuing to innovate the most required window film products to meet customers’ needs in cutting heat penetration, blocking harmful UV rays, protecting interior decoration and preventing shattering. We use high quality green materials for our window film products to protect the environment. Our brand commitment is to bring comfort, energy saving and happiness to you in a sustainable circular economy. Please contact us for more information on our window film products and services.
QUANTIN TECHNOLOGY, INC. is the leading manufacturer, developer, supplier and exporter in Taiwan for the prestigious brand Solar King®

Residential Window Tinting

(QM10). We focus on providing the most reliable and high quality window film products to our customers around the world. Taking advantage of our strong supply chain networks, we are able to offer quality window film products with competitive prices in the global markets. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We are sincerely looking forward to establishing a strong and long-term business relationship with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.
  • Residential Window Tinting - QM10
Residential Window Tinting
Model - QM10
QM10-Diamond House™ Series

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT):10%
Infrared Rejection Rate (IRR):99% (950nm),99% (1400nm)
Ultraviolet Rejection Rate (UVR):99%
Interior Reflection (IR):8%
Exterior Reflection (ER):11%

Improving Your Living Quality By A High Standard Home Window Tinting Film.

Benefits of Residential Window Tinting (QM10):
  1. High privacy living environment
  2. Efficiently reducing heat penetrating through the windows
  3. Protect furniture, skin and eyes by blocking off harmful UV rays
  4. Eco-friendly and sustainable green material
  5. Make your environment comfortable and energy efficient
  6. Where to use:Strong sun exposure rooms

Six Reasons Why To Have Window Film Installed
  1. Reduction of Glare, Like Sunglasses for Your Window
    Car window tinting film is the best way to protect you from the direct glare from sunlight. It allows you to have a great view when driving. And it provides you a better idea to take caution on the traffic signs.
  2. Blocking the Incoming Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
    Solar King® Window Film can block up to 99% to 100% (≦400nm) of harmful UV rays. It remains the best protection of your skin and vision. Furthermore, it protects your expensive furniture from fading, changing color, weakening or breaking down caused by UV damages.
  3. Cutting Off Excessive Heat Penetration
    Window film is the best and efficient way to reduce excessive heat penetrating through your windows.
  4. Prevention from Window Shattering and Breakage
    Window film protects the windshield and side windows of your car from severe shattering upon impact; while a stone hits, it provides an extra protection to the glass. More importantly, it reduces the possibility of window pieces ejected from the car through the windows while involved in an accident.
  5. Enhance Appearance
    Solar King® provides a wide variety of window film choices that will suit your car. It also keeps your car interior looking good.
  6. For Privacy
    If your building is facing a street, you may want to protect your house from people peeking in. Window film provides you a better solution by letting the natural lights in while protecting your privacy.
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